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Blue Moon and CPMC Investment Sign Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement

On 13 August, Blue Moon Group Holdings Limited ("Blue Moon") and CPMC Investment Ltd. (“CPMC Investment") held an online strategic cooperation framework agreement signing ceremony, announcing that the two companies will, building on their existing partnership, further cooperate in the areas of "sustainable development, collaborative research and development, promotion of common progress and business priority right".





Develop multi-dimensional strategic cooperation  Take collaboration to greater depth


CPMC Investment has been one of the most important partners of Blue Moon’s bottle packaging business. The partnership has lasted for more than a decade.


In 2008, Blue Moon started working with CPMC Investment. At the critical moment when Blue Moon made business breakthroughs, CPMC Investment strategically invested in plastic packaging to help Blue Moon open the “liquid” laundry detergent era in China.


In 2011, Blue Moon's Tianjin plant in Xiqing District kicked off operation and CPMC Investment located production capacity in the same district to serve Blue Moon.


In 2017, the two parties established the first factory-in-factory cooperation model in Chongqing, with CPMC Investment setting up a [bottle molding] workshop in Blue Moon's plant. Since then, the two companies have been in close business collaboration, seamlessly linking supply with demand, operating on a new cooperation model that is responsive, low carbon and environmentally friendly.


Entering 2020, at the ambush of COVID-19, there was a severe shortage of disinfectant and antibacterial products in the market, and manpower was tight in the advent of Chinese New Year and at the impact of the pandemic, barring workers from going  back to work. Blue Moon and CPMC Investment both shouldered their corporate citizen responsibilities, the former did its best to put out disinfection, sterilization, cleaning and protection products, whereas the latter overcame difficulties and quickly resumed production, ensuring supply of packaging bottles to Blue Moon.


The long-standing cooperative relationship between the two companies is built on mutual trust, win-win and synergistic development. And, the latest agreement marks the beginning of a new chapter of that relationship.


According to the agreement, the two parties will jointly build a green supply chain, plus commence joint technological development for exploring products and technologies that can enhance the value of the “Blue Moon” brand and products, as well as user loyalty, and the results of the technological research and development efforts will be shared between the partners. They will also establish an efficient information sharing mechanism and carry out regular exchanges to optimize and improve projects that promise win-win, that can help raise the operational effectiveness of both parties.


Joint hands to build a green supply chain  Lead sustainable development of the industry


As a well-known household care solutions provider in China, Blue Moon has its focus on the consumer and its drive from innovation. While growing its business, Blue Moon also actively responds to the call for environmental protection by adopting relevant concepts throughout its production process.


As for CPMC Investment, one of the leading manufacturers of packaging products for consumer goods in China, it boasts a comprehensive business layout in the country, good quality management and lean manufacturing capabilities. It consistently gives emphasis on R&D and innovation of new technologies, new products and new materials, and has contributed hugely to the upgrade of consumer products and improving consumer experience in China.


The latest strategic cooperation can assure Blue Moon of access to stable raw material supply, helping Blue Moon improve overall operational effectiveness. The two parties together will also build a green supply chain, which is at the crux of the latest partnership and is also proof of Blue Moon's determination to pursue sustainable development, helpful for the Company to realize green upgrades across the supply chain, as well as create long-term value and achieve stable development in the long run.


Speaking at the signing ceremony, Pan Dong, Chairman of the Board of Blue Moon, said the two parties will deepen strategic cooperation, and on the strong partnership already built, share resources and complement each other with their respective strengths to take the level and standard of strategic collaboration to new heights, and improve innovative capabilities to lead industry development.


Zhang Xin, Chairman of the Board of CPMC Investment, said the latest strategic agreement will see the two parties working together in greater depth on collaborative research and development, sustainable development and other aspects, and as Blue Moon advances and achieves greater success, the cooperation will follow and move to the next level.


According to a Frost & Sullivan Report about China’s household cleaning and care industry, the market worth RMB110.8 billion in 2019. Benefiting from the increasing health awareness among Chinese consumers and the rising living standard in the country, the market has much room to grow and is expected to keep growing in the future. The latest partnership is expected to unleash the innovative potentials and advantages of the two parties, both leading enterprise in their respective industry, enabling them to present innovative solutions to meet consumption upgrade demands, and realize mutual benefits and together capture the market.

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