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Blue Moon Presents ‘Chinese-style Clean Hygienic Lifestyle’ to the World as 31st FISU World University Games Concludes

The 31st FISU World University Games successfully concluded on 8 August, 2023. Chengdu has delivered and dedicated to the world a streamlined, safe and exciting sports event. The Chinese delegation led the medal list and overall medal list with 103 gold, 40 silver and 35 bronze medals, achieving the best ever results since China participated in the Universiade.


The Universiade’s closing ceremony was held yesterday at the Open Air Music Park of Cheng Du. As the "Golden Sun Bird" flew into the Park, white leaves of the lush dove tree like "wings of the bird of peace" started to come alive and flutter. The stage was designed around the element of the “mobile phone”, with mobile phone monitors of varying heights creating an extraordinary stage. In addition, a young Universiade vlogger was recruited to complete this global youth-oriented live broadcast. The joyous, carnival-like scene brought a perfect conclusion to the Chengdu Universiade.


As the official exclusive supplier of the Universiade, Blue Moon gave full play to its professional advantages and successfully completed its cleaning duties, demonstrating Chinese-style clean hygienic lifestyle to the world.


It is understood that over the course of the Chengdu Universiade, Blue Moon provided nearly 500,000 cleaning products from 28 brands in 49 venues and 6,522 dormitories, as well as the athletes’ canteens, fitness centers and other areas in the FISU Games Village. These products include the Blue Moon Supreme Sports Laundry Detergent, Jingxiang Foaming Body Wash and Tianlu Utensil, Fruit and Vegetable Wash. The diverse product supply fully met the cleaning needs of the delegations, including their clothes cleaning and personal hygiene requirements.


Factoring in the athletes’ sweat intensity during training and competition, Blue Moon made a special effort to provide a sports laundry detergent that can effectively remove sweat odor and constantly help inhibit the production of sweat odor; while in the stadiums’ shower rooms, athletes' dormitories and other areas, Blue Moon provided the newly developed Jingxiang foaming body wash, which brought a refreshing bathing experience to athletes. In addition, Blue Moon also prepared a personal hygiene care package for Universiade athletes from all over the world.


The abundance of products and exquisite gift packs have been welcomed by the international delegations. "I was impressed with the laundry supplies in the FISU Games Village!", "Unboxing the Athlete's Gift Bag from the National Games, it's so abundant! I really want to have it!" Blue Moon products and gift packs could also be seen among items shared by the mass media and athletes’ social media.


In addition to product supply, Blue Moon established a dedicated operation support team specifically for the Universiade. The team also provides product usage information and scientific washing knowledge to event staff via users visits, offline training and usage reviews, among other approaches. When encountering difficult cleaning problems, the team members would collect and report the problems to the company. Subsequently, the back-end cleaning experts would respond quickly, providing professional cleaning solutions for the frontline staff after assessments.


"Most of the time, venue staff just want to give it a try, and asked us questions. The fact that we can actually give them solutions was out of their expectation," a member of the venue operation team remarked. With the venue operation team and back-end cleaning experts working together, complicated cleaning problems were solved.


In addition, the laundry care center built by Blue Moon in the FISU Games Village was also well received. During the over 20 days operating hours, the Blue Moon Laundry Care Center solved various laundry problems for customers, such as dye stains wash, difficult-to-remove tea stains and rough fibers, as well as delivered a more than perfect laundry care experience to the delegations. The story of the first customer who visited the Blue Moon Laundry Care Center is still fresh in the minds of the consultants. The customer had sent a dyed, red and white team uniform for laundry, and when he received back the clothes, the customer was pleasantly surprised and said that “it’s like a brand new uniform!”.


In fact, the recognition received by Blue Moon from all parties in the Universiade stems from its dedication to cleanliness. Blue Moon upholds the principle of "providing cleaning solutions with heart and soul". The Group gains deep insight into consumers and their lifestyles, and constantly launches cleaning products through technological innovation. At present, Blue Moon has established a diversified product portfolio covering three categories of cleaning care, including fabric care, personal hygiene, and home care to meet consumers' refined and diversified needs, and enable them to enjoy clean and healthy living .


Although the Chengdu Universiade has concluded, Blue Moon stays committed to its pursuit of cleanliness. Moving forward, Blue Moon will persistently delve into the realm of cleanliness, enhance its innovative research and development capabilities, and strive to offer better products and services, so as to enhance the quality of consumers' lives.

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