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Delivering the power of goodness, Blue Moon is once again awarded Responsible Brand of the Year at the Philanthropy Festival

The 12th Philanthropy Festival and Corporate Social Responsibility Carnival 2022 was held in Shanghai on 28 December. As the first festival to bear the "Philanthropy" title by the mass media in China, the event has become one of the most influential charitable activities in the country's public welfare sector.


Blue Moon was awarded 2022 Responsible Brand of the Year at this year's Charity Festival for its outstanding performance in areas such as green and environmental protection and corporate social responsibility. This is the eighth consecutive year that Blue Moon has won this award.



Zhu Danpeng, Senior Researcher at the China Brand Institute, believes that as a leader in the home care and daily chemical industries, Blue Moon has continued to innovate and create high-quality cleaning products and experiences over the years, while combining corporate development with social responsibility and realizing green development. Its actions in giving back to society and using business as a force for good have helped promote the quality development of society and the industry, and also reflect its accountability as a model enterprise in the industry.


Insists on green and low-carbon development and advances sustainable development of the industry


Achieving the “dual carbon” goal is not only a solemn commitment of China to the international community, but also an inherent requirement for driving quality growth. The recently announced Outline of the Strategic Plan for Expanding Domestic Demand (2022-2035) proposes the acceleration of the quality upgrade of consumption by vigorously promoting green and low-carbon consumption. Blue Moon adheres to its green and low-carbon development strategy, which integrates its development into the general trend of green development in the daily chemical industry. It applies the green and low-carbon concepts across the whole chain of product R&D, manufacturing, packaging and distribution, with the aim of furthering the sustainable development of the industry through practical actions.


Over the years, Blue Moon has continued to develop and launch high-quality green products, actively promote professional washing methods, and instilled a green and environmental protection mentality into the daily habits of consumers, enabling it to lead green consumption in the laundry field.

In 2008, Blue Moon launched Deep Cleaning Care Liquid Laundry Detergent, leading the Chinese laundry industry in shifting from its focus on "laundry powder" to "laundry detergent". The "powder-to-liquid" transformation has not only changed the way people do their laundry, but has also greatly reduced waste water discharge and pollution. This represents a positive result of the daily chemical industry’s implementation of the green and environmental protection concept. In 2015, Blue Moon made another breakthrough by marketing the first domestic Machine Wash Supreme “Concentrated+” Laundry Detergent with packaging featuring a measurable dispenser pump. The 47% active substance content in this new product offers consumers a more economical and low-carbon laundry experience and promotes the industry's upgrade from "ordinary liquid laundry detergent" to "concentrated liquid laundry detergent".


Blue Moon's innovative products, which are driven by the concept of green and environmental protection, have been highly recognized. In October 2021, Blue Moon's 22 products, including Supreme Biotech Laundry Detergent and Deep Cleaning and Care Laundry Detergent, were among the first in the industry to obtain the China Green Product certification.


In addition, Blue Moon actively practices the concept of green production and adheres to the “prevention at source, control at all stages” environmental management system policy. It has introduced highly efficient production equipment, insisted on low-carbon and environmental protection across all aspects of production and operation management, and built green factories. Owing to the implementation of various effective environmental protection measures, Blue Moon's factories in Chongqing and Tianjin have been awarded the national “Green Factory” title.


Practices corporate social responsibility and contributes to a better life


Guided by the ESG principle of “better products (services), healthier environment, and great society”, Blue Moon takes an active role in various public welfare undertakings, spreading the concept of cleanliness and health, as well as contributing to the care of women and children, offering anti-epidemic relief, and continuously supporting the arts, sports and culture.


As a professional provider of home cleaning solutions, Blue Moon is committed to giving back to society through its products. For example, with the increasing popularity of sports in the country, Blue Moon understands consumers' concerns about sweaty clothing and how such odors have not been addressed. Therefore, through cross-disciplinary research on microbiology, chemistry, textiles, etc. Blue Moon developed and launched a new series of laundry detergents for sportswear in May of this year to help consumers remove sweat-related odors from clothing. In addition, during the 10th Blue Moon Festival, Blue Moon launched a series of activities including a nationwide sports carnival, to promote a clean and healthy lifestyle and help consumers live a better life.


Blue Moon considers the needs of families and society, continues to promote the dissemination of clean and healthy concepts, and contributes to the development of public health. Since 2001, Blue Moon has supported the launch of the “Healthy Angel” campaign at elementary schools and kindergartens in large and medium-sized cities across the country. By donating materials, distributing health-related manuals, organizing health classes, and selecting healthy little angels, it has striven to promote the concept of cleanliness and health among families with children, with the aim of helping more children develop good hygiene habits.


Since 2013, Blue Moon has continued to assist in organizing a series of “Wise Women" activities, through the distribution of free brochures, organizing themed classes, elaborate salons and other activities, so as to pass on knowledge about smart living to women and help thousands of families lead cleaner and healthier lifestyles.


Combining corporate development with social responsibility, Blue Moon has actively contributed in the fight against the pandemic, disaster relief, and care for disadvantaged groups. For example, in November 2022, when a new round of local epidemic broke out in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Blue Moon Charity Foundation immediately provided support to the front-line anti-pandemic workers in Guangzhou by donating, in batches, disinfection, sterilization and cleaning supplies worth more than RMB3.4 million to help fight the pandemic. In July 2021, when Henan Province suffered from heavy rains and floods, Blue Moon donated disinfection, sterilization, cleaning and protective supplies worth RMB10 million to protect the health of the local people. Since 2010, Blue Moon has participated in the "Poverty Alleviation Day in Guangdong" donation activity for 13 consecutive years. Hence, Blue Moon has promoted the healthy development of society in multiple dimensions...


It is worth mentioning that the comprehensive development of culture and sports is also one of the important ways to meet people’s aspirations for a better life. Consequently, Blue Moon has vigorously supported the development of the cultural, sports and art sectors. For instance, it has sponsored the Graduates Art Fair for nine consecutive years, paying attention to the future growth of originality in China and helping the new generation of art students to set sail for their dreams. By doing so, it has also promoted the integration of art and beauty into more people’s lives and helped facilitate the development of aesthetic education in society.


Looking to the future, Blue Moon said that it will remain committed to leading product and service innovation through ingenuity, so as to meet the diverse needs of consumers and promote the high-quality development of the industry. Moreover, Blue Moon will insist on the synergistic development of corporate development and social responsibility and will steadfastly give back to society with practical actions. It will actively participate in public welfare and philanthropic activities, do its utmost to give back to society, and ultimately contribute to the realization of people’s aspirations for a better life.

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