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"Racing Mangoers" Concludes! Blue Moon Collaborates with "Xiaomang Night " (小芒种花夜) in Helping Nurture Young Mangoers

On November 25, Xiaomang Night  – [The Birth of a Cute Champion]" (《小芒种花夜·可爱冠军的诞生》), which is the closing event for the first reality program on the rise of the post-millennial generation, "Racing Mangoers" (《100道光芒》), exclusively titled by Blue Moon, concluded successfully. The evening program focused on the creative interpretation of the traditional “Attractive and Good" trend by Mangoers, and their astonishing transformation since joining the program. There were many surprise guests that appeared to help the new Mangoers during different stages, which included [Theme performance(赛道秀), Recommendation Moment (种花时刻) , Interactive Recommendation(种花互动), and Product Runway Show(好物走秀)]. In the end, online audiences witnessed the "[Go To Sleep]" (睡GO) team win the championship by achieving an extremely high goal completion rate of 190%.


Through the camera lens, "Racing Mangoers" fully captured the spirit of modern young people; their ability to brave difficulties, keep their feet on the ground, and dare to think and take actions, as well as their aspirations, feelings and capabilities in relation to the workplace. They are committed to inheriting the finest traditional culture while exuding confidence in promoting their culture. They take concrete actions to drive new consumption vitality and new cultural connotations, with Chinese brands serving as the core. Blue Moon has paid attention to and helped facilitate the development of the modern youth, and fully mobilized its high-quality resources to empower them in their career journey. The "Xiaomang Night – [The Birth of a Cute Champion]", as the closing event of the program, also made full use of the platform's content advantages to present a unique feast of domestic products to the public.


"Xiaomang Night" reaped fruitful results, "[Go To Sleep]" team wins championship


In July this year, the first domestic reality program on the post-millennial generation, "Racing Mangoers", titled by Blue Moon, was exclusively broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV. The program focused on the e-commerce industry and recorded the entire five-month process of fresh graduates entering the workforce, opening up new pathways and fields for their dreams, and showed the growth of these post-millennials as they transformed from newcomers to workplace veterans. At the beginning of the program, hundreds of Mangoers competed in 14 teams, with four teams, i.e. ["Cook Mango", "Go To Sleep", "Pioneer", and "Fun Slide Plan"] (“芒者灶” 赛道, “睡GO” 赛道, “先型者” 赛道, “滑乐计划” 赛道) ultimately making it to the finals. During the live evening program "Xiaomang Night – [The Birth of a Cute Champion]", the teams introduced their cute,  made in China products to audiences and competed for the "Cute Champion" crown. The "Go To Sleep" team, which had already won first place during several performance appraisals, did not disappoint the audience and eventually winning the championship.


The live evening program, "Xiaomang Night: [The Birth of a Cute Champion]" received widespread attention after its airing. In particular, the unique runway show, featuring China chic outfits and products, well-constructed stage and lighting, and wonderful performances by guests such as Henry Lau, Meng Jia, and Gong Shuang, was widely praised by netizens. Worth noting as well was the relationship topic hashtag #你有多久没送父母礼物# (How long has it been since you gave a gift to your parents?) which received 20.71 million views. While impressed by the soothing performances of the children, netizens also discussed in depth the emotional connection with their families as well as shared stories with their families.


Helped newcomers start their career journeys and promote corporate social values


In 2022, 10.76 million students graduated from high school. Under the “stabilizing and securing employment” policies, “100 Racing Mangoers” came into being, which in turn has led to the recording of how the post-millennial generation are starting their careers, exploring new recruitment models, and creating new ideas for youth employment. Blue Moon and Hunan Provincial Radio and Television Bureau have helped to solve the employment problem faced by high school graduates through practical actions.


As part of the “Racing Mangoers” program, 300 graduates of the post-millennial generation competed for 100 jobs through an interview process, with those who secured jobs forming teams to commence fierce competition. The winning team would subsequently be awarded an entrepreneurship fund. As the exclusive title sponsor of "Racing Mangoers", Blue Moon provided such quality products as sportswear liquid laundry detergent, underwear liquid laundry detergent, rinse-free hand wash, and yutu automatic hand washing dispenser to the Mangoers to nurture their growth, empower them to compete in the workplace, provide cleanliness and health, and witness them shine along the way. At the live showing of "Xiaomang Night – [The Birth of a Cute Champion]”, Blue Moon was also presented with the "Cutest Guardian Award" for its yutu automatic hand washing dispenser.


Over the past three decades, Blue Moon has been focusing on cleanliness and introducing knowledge marketing to promote a clean lifestyle to users through various activities. For example, during the "Racing Mangoers" program, the Mangoers were invited to introduce cleaning products and share their washing knowledge with the post-millennial generation in front of the camera. This represented another practice adopted by Blue Moon to promote a clean and healthy lifestyle to the public.


While focusing on the cleaning sector and promoting the concept of cleanliness and healthiness, Blue Moon has been actively fulfilling its corporate social responsibility and giving back to society by assisting in anti-pandemic measures, disaster relief, rural revitalization, and cultural and sports development. By hosting the "Racing Mangoers" program in cooperation with Hunan Satellite TV, Blue Moon has accompanied Mangoers in completing a meaningful and valuable journey in pursuit of their dreams. Blue Moon has fully demonstrated its awareness of social and employment issues, and proactively fulfilled its social responsibility by helping the young generation to innovate as they pursue their career and personal growth. 

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