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10th Blue Moon Festival in Full Swing Blue Moon Joins Hands with CCTV and Hunan TV to Invite All to Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival Night

Mid-Autumn Festival is here again, and this year, with Blue Moon as the exclusive title sponsor, the “2022 CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala” and “2022 Mid-Autumn Night with Blue Moon on Hunan TV”, will greet audiences tonight for Chinese all over the world to enjoy magnificent entertainment feasts and celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival. This is also the ninth consecutive year Blue Moon has partnered with CCTV and Hunan TV to organize two evening galas during which it has abundant gifts of cleaning products ready to be given out to the audience so that they may enjoy brand new cleaning experiences and clean living, and together with them spend a clean Mid-Autumn Festival joyously.

Two fantastic evening Galas to celebrate with all a wonderful Mid-Autumn night


The “2022 CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala” will be held in Zhangjiagang City, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. It will, as before, embrace the innovative concept of “achieving results using diverse technologies” and focus on communicating with “idea+art+technology”. With artistic expression that conveys rich emotions, combined with Suzhou's profound cultural heritage in real natural settings, the unique charm and booming vitality of traditional Chinese culture will be vividly displayed. At the gala, audience will see many technological “firsts”: the ultra-high-definition and 3D sound technologies will be used the first time in broadcasting; it will be broadcasted high-definition and on large public screens in “a hundred cities and on thousands screens” the first time, and China's own  3D sound technology (Audio Vivid) will have its debut. Moreover, the gala will feature a new 360-degree circular stage, allowing merging of location shots, virtual XR technology and real natural landscapes, putting romance in the air.


The gala, as announced by the CCTV, has a lineup of talented actors, popular stars, new-generation singers, and literacy and art groups. Jing Boran, Mao Buyi, Mao Xiaotong, Linghua., Na Ying, Li Yuchun, Hacken Lee, Wang Sulong, Zhou Shen, Hu Xia, Huang Ling, Mike Tsang Pei Tak, Tan Weiwei, Tan Jianci, Wong Cho Lam, Wang Yaoqing, Sun Nan, Li Ronghao, Teens in Times, Xin Baiqing, Song Jia, Zhang Hanyun, Ayunga, Shang Wenjie, Zheng Jun, Shan Yichun, Sa Dingding, Cai Guoqing, among others, will spend the night under the full-moon with the audience!


The 2022 Mid-Autumn Night with Blue Moon on Hunan TV is themed “I’m well though far away from home (我在他乡挺好的)”, and around the theme, four stories will be told, titled "Working Hard”, "Love Strong”, "Contribution” and "Guarding Value”, with guest performers’ creative performances, letting the audience see how today’s young people strive for success and match forward on the path of life.

This gala is also star-studded. It will be hosted by He Jiong, Jin Mengjia, Qi Sijun and Leo Li, and Li Yuchun, Zhou Bichang, Wowkie Zhang, Zhou Shen, Mao Buyi, Xu Song, Dany Lee, Shi Yijie, Gong Shuang, Chen Chusheng, Lu Hu, Su Xing, Wang Yuexin, Wang Zhengliang, Zhang Yuan, AccuseFive, Zhang Keying, Wang Xi, Zhang Yifan, Dai Quan, Yang Shaopeng, Li Xingxing, Ling Yun, Xue Tingzhe, Yang Wu, Meng Hui, Jia Yang and Wang Shuoran will also join.


Since ancient times, the Mid-Autumn Festival carries the love for the family and the desire to live good life of the Chinese people. Blue Moon, being a provider of household care solutions, also has “the home” at heart and is committed to providing excellent products, superb services and professional advice to all Chinese families that each of them may live in the clean, healthy, comfortable, decent and happy world that Blue Moon provides.

The 10th Blue Moon Festival in full swing  Invites all to experience sporty and clean living


As understood, every year before and after Mid-Autumn Festival, Blue Moon would organize an exclusive event – the Blue Moon Festival – to interact with consumers and invite them to experience its new products and services, to promote clean and healthy lifestyle. The event is in its 10th year this year. Every year, Blue Moon would draw on its consumption insights to create new products empowered with latest cleaning technologies, that could lead consumer demand.


In recent years, with the "14th Five-Year National Fitness Plan" being rolled out in greater and greater depth, public enthusiasm in sports has been climbing and exercising has become a lifestyle. Blue Moon knows very well the “sore spot” of cleaning exercising clothing thus has launched a new sports laundry detergent series. The new product series does not only remove sweaty smell from clothing effectively, but can also inhibit such odors during wearing, so consumers can “sweat without smelling" and have a refreshing experience when enjoying sports. 


Agreeing with people’s craze for sports, the 10th Blue Moon Festival will take  consumers to a nationwide sports carnival that ties tightly together cleanliness and sports. During this period, Blue Moon will, via offering interactive experiences to consumers set in different scenarios and through diverse channels, and featuring cleaning technology products represented by its sports laundry detergent, to let them fully enjoy sports as well as trendy, healthy and clean living.


At the same time, Blue Moon has rolled out a nationwide sports plan jointly with different parties, focusing on scenarios in which consumers partake in sports and integrating channels to participate in the national sports carnival into consumers’ daily life, so that the clean and healthy lifestyle could reach more of them. For example, for those into running, Blue Moon recently launched with Joyrun a national experience event and a 50-kilometer extreme challenge to encourage consumers to happily run and sweat. Moreover, jointly presented by Blue Moon and the National College Student Art Exhibition and Performance, the “All people exercise together” (全民运动“艺”起来活动) activity kicked off recently, which aim is to interest the public in exercising through artistic imagination and to pass on more youthful, healthy and positive energy.


Loads of interesting online interactions and sports carnival fun


Title sponsoring the Mid-Autumn Festival Evening Gala on CCTV and Hunan Satellite TV exclusively is a key element of the 10th Blue Moon Festival. With the advent of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the nationwide sports carnival will reach its climax. Worthy of mention is Blue Moon will also, together with CCTV and Hunan TV, initiate online interactions, inviting audience to learn sportswear cleaning knowledge and win gifts in large amounts Blue Moon has ready for them, letting them experience exercise at the complement of clean living while celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival.


There are three major web pages created under the “Interact with Blue Moon in Mid-Autumn Festival” (蓝月亮中秋互动) activity jointly hosted by Blue Moon and CCTV. They are “Mid-Autumn Gifts” (中秋好礼), “Moonlight’ Sports Day” (月光运动会) and “Sending Bless” (明月寄祝福) for users to explore, and complete tasks and be eligible for lucky draws to win the gifts from Blue Moon. In addition, they can also earn points and ranking on the Moonlight’s Sports Day page and win corresponding prizes. Moreover, during the Mid-Autumn Festival Gala on CCTV, viewers can scan the mini program QR code on the TV screen to take part in the interaction, and win gifts while enjoying the show.


Interact with Blue Moon in Mid-Autumn Festival

At the same time, the interactive activities of "Mid-Autumn Night with Blue Moon" jointly presented by Blue Moon and Hunan TV was also officially kicked off! Users can complete interactive tasks including “Running Happily and Cool” (乐动酷跑) to participate in lucky draws and win fantastic gifts. Those who completed certain tasks will also have a chance to win the grand prize – the "Exclusive products set of Moon House".


Blue Moon Mid-Autumn Night

For 10 years now, Blue Moon has held its namesake festival to pass on the clean living message and also to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with consumers. The Blue Moon Festival is a testament to the Group’s “Together for Life, Clean and Carefree” brand commitment. In the three decades since the brand came to be, Blue Moon has focused on the cleaning business and reaching deep in finding out about the needs of consumers. Seeking guidance from when and how consumers use its products and their usage experiences, Blue Moon has continued to innovate in R&D and provide to consumers a full suite of highest quality home cleaning solutions to help them pursue better living.


"[Share Mid-Autumn joy and the sweet scent the Moon brings]". Let's celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and experience clean living with Blue Moon the night of 10 September.


【Viewing guide】

CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Evening Gala 2022


20:00 on 10 September 2022

Broadcast simultaneously on [TV channels] including CCTV-1, CCTV-3, CCTV-4 and CCTV-15 and radio channels such as FM106.6, Music Radio, Radio The Greater Bay and Cross-Strait Radio; new media platforms such as Yangshipin and China Network Television, as well as overseas social media platforms.


Hunan TV Blue Moon Mid-Autumn Night 2022

19:30 on 10 September 2022

Broadcast on Hunan TV and Mango TV

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